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Will Cadena

Lighting on the Run: How to Use Light in Any Situation


Will Cadena is a photographer who combines a modern, edgy look with traditional photography. Shooting for over 17 years, has given him the experience to break the rules of traditional photography and deliver a whole new look to his images without retouching. He has been a member of the Professional Photographers Association and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International for many years. He has been photographing clothing campaigns, high profile events, and much more for over a decade both here in the US and internationally.


Join Will Cadena, as he shares some of his quick tricks and tips for how to get some of the commercial like imagery, when there isn't much time to spare on the job! He will show you how he uses hard light, soft light, and available light along with reflectors, and color gels. He will also share some of his business and social media secrets to help you cater to not only events, but corporate and advertising clients as well. 95% in camera / 5% in Post.



Will Cadena
WCimagery Team
Open on: Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm