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Jim LaSala

M. Photog, Cr. Master Artist Imaging

Shooting available light. Street Photography,

Road To Better B&W's and of course post processing.



Class Desription:

Why are we here.

As photographers we all have a common goal. That goal is to give our clients the best we have to offer. We can talk about equipment all day and argue that without owning the latest and greatest we are at a disadvantage. That could not be the furthest from the truth. Although we might be using some state of the art equipment, for this weeks program it really is the last piece of the puzzle.

The most important thing we need to know about our equipment, be it top of the line or middle of the road is: To have a full understanding of its capabilities, limitations and controls. Let's talk more in depth about what makes me tick (it's not pretty). What motivates me. What inspires me. What does it takes to push yourself to a new level that hopefully will set you apart from the others. We will discover that without understanding what makes you tick, equipment is only the mechanical part of photography.

It's more about what's in your heart then how many pixels in your camera.
It's more about your vision then the type of lens you use.
it’s about using all your resources to tell your story.

Slideshows that will touch the heart.. Topaz, Moab give aways. Haiti book giveaway. Product discounts including Spider Belt, Topaz, Fluid Mask.

Jim LaSala


About Jim LaSala

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and currently resides in Flemington, New Jersey.
Moab Master Photographer
Moab Master photographers are a select group of artists connected by their unique visions and their love of reproducing their images on Moab fine art paper.
Humanitarian Project
June 2010-Present
Documenting the people and country of Haiti. This has been a journey that has changed my life.
Degrees and Awards:
Master of Photography, Master Artist Imaging & Photographic Craftsman
Kodak Gallery Elite Award (2012) Imaging Excellence Award (2012)
Platinum Photographer of the Year (2013)
Diamond Photographer of the Year (2104)
Numerous Local, State, Regional, National and International awards.
Presentations and Instructing
Maine Media Workshop
Parsons School of Design, NYC
Jacob Javits, NYC
Guild of Professional Photographers, Delaware Valley
Triangle Professional Photographer, Pittsburgh, PA
Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA
Print Publications
Loan Collection (21) International Publication
Professional Photographer Front Cover, September 2011
Showcase International (2)
PDN Magazine (2010, 2012, 2013)
Lens Work Publication (2014)
Silvershotz Publication (2014)
Professional Photographers of America, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Professional Photographers of America, Atlanta, GA
Professional Photographers of America, Phoenix, AZ
Professional Photographers of America, Austin Texas
Professional Photographers of America, Las Vegas, NV
Jacob Javits, NYC NY
Photokina, Germany
J. Adams Gallery, New Hope, PA
Xact Studios and Gallery
Spirited Actors (TV Reality Show)
IncPics Gallery